10 Deadly Signs of Skin Cancer You Need To Spot Early

Cancer is a condition where your body’s cells grow uncontrollably and cause a tumor. The cancer can then spread to other areas. You can get cancer anywhere, but there are a few body parts that are susceptible. The skin, your largest organ, is one of those places. Be on the lookout for any of these risk factors: fair skin, history of sunburns or excessive sun exposure, living in sunny or high-altitude climates, lots of moles…Readmore


6 Unusual Signs of Anal Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Most of us don’t know much about rectal cancer, as it is not one of the most frequent or commonly occurring cancers. But, unfortunately, this form of cancer occurs more in women than men. Something that makes it even more complicated is the fact that it doesn’t have any discernible symptom or any signs that it can be easily treated or diagnosed. Most of the times, the signs lead to some other diagnosis. So, how do we really distinguish rectal cancer from other forms of ailments of the rectum?…Readmore

Signs That You Might Be Having Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a liver disease. You will note that this disease is usually caused by Hepatitis C virus. This disease is normally termed as a silent or invisible disease. Most of those people who get infected rarely show any symptoms. This means that you might have Hepatitis C and still fail to notice it. The symptoms are mild and flu like with fever. There several symptoms of Hepatitis C. These include…Readmore

How To Get Rid Of Bruises Naturally

Many often we have some bruises on our skin. These are some skin injuries that appear as discolorations because of damaged blood cells deep beneath our skin. It starts collecting some blood near the surface of our skin and then causes these marks in blue or black color which are called bruises…..Readmore

10 Warning Signals of Liver Damage You Should Not Ignore

Liver damage is one of those afflictions that happens to almost every adult above the age of 40. It is a sign that you are not taking care of your body. But, do we always understand the signs? No. Sometimes, we think it is because of the things we eat, but it goes way deeper than that. Liver damage can be potentially fatal, depending upon the severity of it. Interestingly, your body keeps warning you about it. So, why not listen to it?…Readmore

How To Get Rid of Ingrown Hair: The Best Natural Ways

One of the consequences of shaving is that sooner or later you will probably get an ingrown hair which can cause a red, swollen lump around the hair follicle. Ingrown hairs are also called razor bumps and they occur when one or more hairs curl back and start growing back into the skin. The first symptom of an ingrown hair may be just a small pimple-like bump, but if you don’t remove the ingrown hair, it can cause infection leading to inflammation, swelling and a large painful bump containing pus….Readmore